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Porterhouse Steak

A classic meal that can be cooked in a short amount of time! Be generous with the spices, to ensure a lovely scent and great taste.

  • 4 servings


  • 400 g Onions
  • 500 g Minute Steaks
  • 100 ml Whipped Cream
  • 150 ml Port
  • 1 tbsp Wheat Flour
  • 3 tbsp Blackcurrent Jam
  • 5 Crushed Juniper Berries
  • ½ tsp Crushed Dried Thyme
  • 1 Pinch Black Pepper
  • 1 Meat Stock Cube
  • 1 tbsp Japanese Soy
  • 2½ tbsp Butter
  • ½ Pot Of Fresh Thyme
  • 1 kg Potatoes
  • 2 Apples


Step 1

Start by peeling and boiling the potatoes.

Step 2

Shred the meat and peel the onions. Whisk together the cream, port and flour. Allow to boil while stirring.

Step 3

Add jam, juniper berries, thyme, pepper, crumbled stock cube and soy. Fry the onions in a little butter in a frying pan. Put the ingredients in a pan and allow to boil for about 5 minutes.

Step 4

Fry the meat in batches in butter in a pan. Add to the pot and sprinkle in the thyme.

Step 5

Core and cut the apples into slices. Fry them in a little butter in a pan. Serve the meat with potatoes, apple slices and jam."