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Squat Workout

Type of workout: Strength

Sets: 4

Reps: 10 Reps High Impact 

Types of exercises: Barbell squat, Close squat, Sumo squat, Split squat, Jump squat

Kit: Barbell

Tips: Before working out, remember to do warm up / do some stretches

  • 4 mins

Video transcription

This is your squat workout.

We have 5 exercises here - we’ve going to have 10 reps of each, and then 4 sets in total.

So, your five exercises are –

  • we’re going to start with a classic barbell squat
  • we’re then going to hit some close squats
  • some sumos
  • some splits
  • and finish it off nice and easy with some jump squats

During this workout we are focusing on that lower body, we’re building some muscle, building some tone, and we’re really going to hit all the main muscle groups in your legs.

You can do this workout anywhere you want, as long as you can grab yourself a barbell –that’s all you’re going to need - and a little bit of room.

Before you get going, make sure you’ve warmed up, elevated your heartrate a little and done some stretches and you’re ready to go.

Barbell Squat (0:45)

  • Strength Workout
  • 10 Reps High Impact
  • 4 Sets

This exercise is a barbell squat. So taking your barbell, we’re going to bring up above the head, back onto the shoulders. We’ve got a nice wide stance here with feet facing forward. Keeping your heels on the floor, sit back and down as if you were sitting down onto a chair, and then pushing back up through the glutes and the back of the legs, all the way back up to standing.

Our chest remains upright and elevated, our shoulders are back and our core is tight.

It’s super important to keep your heels down here and keep your knees over your toes.

So that is heels down, knees pointing over the toes and sitting back as far as you can into that low squat.

You’ve got 10 reps here then we’re moving on.

Close Barbell Squat (1:10)

  • Strength Workout
  • 10 Reps High Impact
  • 4 Sets

This is a close barbell squat. For this you’re going to need that barbell, we’re bringing it up to our chest, above our head, and then resting it back on our shoulders.

For this you’re bringing your feet nice and close together - a slight gap just so you can move those knees – and we are doing the same motion, heels down knees over toes, bending back and sitting as low as you possibly can, but this time the feet are nice and close together.

Chest is still elevated and core is nice and tight.

Sumo Barbell Squat (2:01)

  • Strength Workout
  • 10 Reps High Impact
  • 4 Sets

This is a sumo barbell squat. So for this we’ll need our barbell, we’re picking it up, bringing it up toward our chest, up above our head and back resting on our shoulders.

We’re taking our feet as wide as we possibly can, turning those toes out and pointing them away from ourselves.

It’s super important that you keep those knees over the toes - so that means turning your knees out as well to point across those feet and over the toes.

Again, sitting as low and as far back as you can, keeping your heels down and chest elevated.

Split Barbell Squat (2:35)

  • Strength Workout
  • 10 Reps High Impact
  • 4 Sets

This is a split barbell squat. So for this split squat you will need your barbell, bringing it up to your chest, above your head and then resting it on your shoulders.

So for this you’re taking one foot behind the other - we’re bending through both knees and keeping them bent at all times so neither leg becomes straight at any point.

Your chest is still elevated and your core is still nice and tight.

Knees are over toes and we are bending into the heel, focusing on that front heel - keep it nice and flat, and nice and down.

Jump Barbell Squat (3:10)

So this exercise is a jump squat. You’ll need your barbell for this, you’re bringing it to your chest, above your head and on to the back of your shoulders.

We have a nice wide stand and we are sitting it into your heels. You are going to squat as low as you possibly, can keeping those knees over your toes and firing up through those heels, through the back of the legs, exploding into the air, straightening those legs as we go.

Make sure you land softly, bending through the knees, working through those feet.

Great job there guys, really really good little workout – you have absolutely smashed it. That’s really going to help in your everyday life, looking after your knees, yours ankles or those joints and muscles in your legs.

Before you do anything else today, make sure you have a little quick cooldown, done a few stretches, lowered your heartrate and breathing back to normal.

Thanks for watching today guys, we hope to see you soon.


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