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Type of workout: Strength

Sets: 4 x 15 Reps High Impact

Types of exercises: Squat and press Kettlebell swing, Clean and press, Upright row, Straight leg deadlift

Kit: Kettlebell

Tips: Before working out, remember to do warm up / do some stretches.

  • 5 mins

Video transcription

This is your kettlebell workout.

5 exercises, 15 reps of each, with 4 sets in total.

Your five exercises:

  • nice and simple – you’re starting off with squat and press above the head
  • we’ve then got the classic kettlebell swing
  • from your kettlebell swing, you’ve got clean and presses, single arm – swapping arms with each rep
  • after that you’ve got your upright rows
  • then finishing off with a straight leg deadlift.

You’re working full body here, top to toe. You’ve got cardio vascular working there, alongside a little bit of strength - so we’re building muscle and tone, whilst increasing our fitness level.

You can do this workout wherever you’ve got a little bit of room. All you’re going to need is a kettlebell – make sure you’ve got enough space, as you will be moving around a little bit here.

Before we get going, make sure you’ve done a quick warm up, elevate that heartrate and we’ll get straight in with the first exercise.

Squat and Press (0:57)

  • Strength Workout
  • 15 Reps High Impact
  • 4 Sets

So this exercise is a squat and press. We’re holding the kettle bell nice and firmly in our hands. We sit back into our heels as low as we can go, bending from the hips. Then, as we power up, taking that kettle bell high above our head.

It is one fluid movement here - so there’s no stopping halfway through.

A nice squat powering up with that kettlebell all the way above your head. Keep that core nice and tight, make sure you feel a good squeeze of those glutes as we come up to standing, and the shoulders are back and down.

You’ve got 15 reps here –then we have a little rest before we head into the next exercise.

Kettlebell Swing (1:38)

  • Strength Workout
  • 15 Reps High Impact
  • 4 Sets

This exercise is a kettlebell swing. So for this, you’ve got the kettlebell in your hands, you take those hips back and your arms goes in between your legs, before we power through, squeezing those glutes, sending that kettlebell out in front of ourselves.

It’s important to keep those arms nice and long - chest is upright, core is tight and we are bending from the hips and the knees.

15 reps here, then we move on to the next exercise.

Clean and Press (2:05)

  • Strength Workout
  • 15 Reps High Impact
  • 4 Sets

This next exercise is a clean and press. So we have one arm here holding onto that kettlebell - you’re going to bring it from the floor up to your shoulder, then pressing it up above the head.

So think floor, flicking it around up to your shoulder, and then pressing up above the head.

Using the other arm to anchor yourself - keeping the other arm nice and long - we go floor, flicking it round to our shoulder, and above the head.

Make sure that your core is engaged, our shoulders are back and our posture is really nice for this one - especially as we take that kettlebell up above the head.

We go 15 reps on one arm, and then 15 reps on the other before we move on.

Upright Row (2:48)

  • Strength Workout
  • 15 Reps High Impact
  • 4 Sets

This next exercise is an upright row. For this you are going for a little bit of a wide stance. We’ve got the kettlebell between our legs and from here we are driving it up through as we pull the weight up and elbows up to our ears.

We’re looking for a nice clean V-shape here with those arms - so keep keeping those elbows above the wrist as we drive up through the upright row.

Make sure that your heels are nice and grounded and our shoulders are pulled back with a really beautiful posture for this one. We should be feeling it across the front of the shoulder.

15 reps then we move on to the next exercise.

Straight Leg Deadlift (3:25)

  • Strength Workout
  • 15 Reps High Impact
  • 4 Sets

This exercise is a straight leg deadlift. So for this, a little bit more complicated. We’re going to take our shoulders back - our core is tight.

From here we hinge from the hips, taking them as far back, feeling a nice stretch down the back of the legs, through the hamstrings. A slight bend in the knee, but that only comes from taking our hips back, rather than from actually bending down.

It’s really important here to keep your core nice and tight, and keep the kettlebell really close to your legs, and down and up through the movement.

You’ve got 15 reps to complete.

We have built a little bit of muscle today - we’ve worked our cardiovascular system, increasing our fitness level, as well as increasing your endurance level. Fully body workout – you’ve hit it hard, really great job.

Before you do anything else, make sure you have a quick cooldown, a few stretches and lower that heartrate – breathe through it.

Great job team, I hope you’ve enjoyed this video and we hope to see you really soon.


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