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About Us

Welcome to the Protein Academy. This is where you can find out who we are, learn more about what we do and discover how we can help you smash your fitness goals.

What is the Protein Academy?

The Protein Academy is your point of reference for all things health and fitness. Discover more about the world of keeping fit with our informative articles, blood-pumping videos and weekly workout plans, all expertly curated and created with the help of our dedicated health and fitness gurus.

Our focus is on inspiring you to make positive, impactful changes to your lifestyle, no matter how big or small. Whether it’s braving the drizzle to commit to that morning run, making conscientious decisions for your diet or going all out to achieve a new personal best at the gym, we’re here to help you every step of the way.

We have the expertise, knowledge and experience, so you know you can rely on us to give you top tips and effective goals. The Protein Academy isn’t about diet fads or fitness shortcuts that don’t exist, it’s about giving you information that makes a difference and providing powerful motivation, so you can keep pushing on towards the finish line.

Most importantly, the Protein Academy is the catalyst to your greatness. Commitment to exercise, a desire to live well and the dedication to make your dreams a reality all come from within and we’re here to keep feeding your inner strength so you can carry on smashing it.

What will the Protein Academy offer?

There’s so many good things going on at the Protein Academy, including:

  • Blog. Interesting, informative articles packed full of health, fitness and diet tips and motivation – 100% useful and always backed up by science, expertise and research.
  • Advice. Helping you overcome those hurdles, our experts share their health and fitness wisdom, tried and tested on their own journey to where they are today.
  • Work out videos. Crafted by PTs, our focussed exercise videos help you strengthen, sweat and tone - and keep your fitness plan fresh too.
  • Work out plans. Tailored work out plans and fitness challenges help you achieve your health goals.

Our experts

Expertise is the cornerstone of everything the Protein Academy stands for, which is why we are a team of health and fitness experts working together to create amazing, impactful content that can you live fitter, healthier and happier.

Our workout videos are curated by real-life personal trainers, our meal suggestions are whipped up by expert nutritionists and chefs (so they’re delicious, as well as healthy) and we’ve got a team of sports scientists poised to share the lowdown on the latest information. We’ve got sportsmen and women, dieticians and people with inspiring stories – all coming together to motivate you in one handy place.

Our plans

The Protein Academy is growing – and our plans are as big as our passion.

We’re not resting on our laurels and as such, we aim to keep welcoming new more new experts to the team to bring you more motivation and inspiration. In-depth articles, challenging workout videos and fitness challenges that make you dig deep – that’s what Protein Academy is about, so we’re going to keep on doing it bigger and better.

Protein Academy and Arla Protein

The Protein Academy has been developed by Arla Protein – the protein experts. Combining protein expertise and the extensive knowledge of our health and fitness gurus, we’ll create the ultimate hub for living a healthy lifestyle – and help you to feel great while you’re doing it.