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Upper Body Workout

Type of workout: Strength

Sets: 4 x 10 Reps High Impact

Types of exercises:  Single arm row, Chest press, Shoulder press, Around the worlds, Bent flys

Kit: Bench, Pair of Dumbbells

Tips: Before working out, remember to do warm up / do some stretches.


  • 5 mins

Video transcription

This is your upper body workout – we’re going to be working your upper body.

You’ve got 5 exercises, we’re going for 10 reps of each for 4 sets – little bit of rest between each set but not too long.

Your five exercises are:

  • we’re starting off with a single arm row
  • following that we have a chest press
  • shoulder press
  • around the worlds and
  • bent flys.

With this workout we’re going to be building a little bit of muscle and tone, and really focusing on that mind to muscle connection. You’ll build up a little bit of a sweat - but I want you to make sure you technique is spot on.

So for this workout you’re going to need a little bit of space, a bench and a pair of dumbbells – nice and simple.

Before we start make sure you’ve warmed, elevated your heartrate up a little bit and you’re ready to go.

We’re going to get straight in with the first exercise.

Single Arm Row (0:53)

  • Strength Workout
  • 10 Reps High Impact
  • 4 Sets

This exercise is the single arm row. You’ll need one dumbbell for this and a bench. You’re placing your knee onto the bench and the same arm, hand is going flat out in front of you. You’ve got a nice back and core is super tight – don’t hunch, keep those shoulders back.

From here, you’re bringing the elbow with the dumbbell into the side of your body, imagine putting that elbow back into your pocket. So bringing the arm into your pocket, keeping your core tight, keeping shoulders down.

We’ve got 10 reps on one side before swapping over onto the other arm. Again keeping the elbow super close to the body. 10 reps and we’re moving on.

Chest Press (1:41)

  • Strength Workout
  • 10 Reps High Impact
  • 4 Sets

This exercise is a chest press. For this you’ll need two dumbbells and you’re lying flat on your bench.

You want to sit nice and close to the edge of the bench, so your head is supported as we lie back down. Keeping your core tight and your feet flat and grounded on the floor, you bring the dumbbells out to the side of you with a nice L-shaped bent elbow.

From here you’re going to push up towards the centre of your body, keeping the shoulder blades on the bench - we push up the dumbbells up bringing them slightly closer as we reach the top, then bringing them down in a beautiful L-shape down to the bottom.

Pushing them up through the L-shape then back down again. Making sure those shoulders stay down and unto the bench. 10 reps and we move on.

Shoulder Press (2:30)

  • Strength Workout
  • 10 Reps High Impact
  • 4 Sets

This exercise is a shoulder press. For this we are sat on your bench, your shoulders are back, and your core is tight. Feet are flat and grounded.

We bring the dumbbells to right by your ears, just above the shoulders. Our shoulders stay back and we push up again through that L-shape, bring the dumbbells close towards each other as we reach the top - bringing them back down through the L-shape, and then back up closer together at the top.

Keep that core nice and tight - and do not slouch for this one, we are working those shoulders.

10 reps then we’re moving on.

Around the World

  • Strength Workout
  • 10 Reps High Impact
  • 4 Sets

This exercise is around the world. For this, you’ve got two dumbbells. We’re stood up nice and tall, shoulders back, beautiful posture.

Your hands are facing the front as we take the dumbbells to the side and all the way around in a circular motion to the top, above your head. Bringing them back down, just like you are circling around the world.

Make sure your core is tight, your shoulders remain back and down, and arms are nice and long with a slight bend to the elbow so we don’t harm any joints.

10 reps then we’re moving on.

Bent Flys (3:47)

  • Strength Workout
  • 10 Reps High Impact
  • 4 Sets

This exercise is bent flys. So for this we are bending into a nice long flat back position, hips are out, core is tight, shoulders are back.

We have a slight bend in the elbows as we take the dumbbells out to the side - like you’re flying with wings.

We bring it down to the centre, elbows up to the side, long arms with a tiny, tiny bend. You’re really looking to hit the back of the shoulder here - so just across the top of your back is where you should be feeling a nice squeeze as you reach the top. Then all the way back down, controlling through the movement for 10 reps.


Really great job here guys, brilliant work out – well done. We should be feeling that across our body, across our shoulders, across our chest, all around. It’s going to help you lower your risk of back pain, as well as keeping really nice posture for the rest of the day.

Before you do anything else, make sure you’ve cooled down, do a few quick stretches and lowered your heartrate.  

Thank you very much for watching this video today and see you soon.


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