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Tabata Workout

Type of workout: Cardio

Sets: 8 x 20secs High Impact

Rest time: 10 seconds

Types of exercises: Burpee shoulder press, Renegade row, Clean and lunges, Side lunge and press, Squat punches

Kit: Matt, Dumbbells

Tips: Before working out, remember to do warm up / do some stretches.


  • 4 mins

Video transcription

So this is Tabata.

We’re going 8 rounds, 20 seconds as high impact as you possibly can, then 10 seconds of rest.

So you’ve got 5 exercises here.

  • Your first exercise is a burpee with a shoulder press above the head
  • after we’ve got renegade rows from a nice plank position
  • coming up from their were are back up to standing for lunges with a clean above the head – that is jumping lunges – we’re going for it;
  • after that, you’ve got side lunges with another shoulder press above the head
  • and we’ll be finishing off with squat position dumbbell punches.

So this is a full body routine - we are hitting every muscle group. We’re also using dumbbells so it is slightly weighted, which means we’re going to be working that metabolic system alongside your cardiovascular system.

So this is a nice quick-fire workout - it’s not going to take you very long and it is doable anywhere you can grab yourself a set of dumbbells and a matt.

Nice and simple, I want you to be working at the highest intensity you possibly can.

So we’re going to get straight into the first exercise - but before we do make sure you’ve had a quick 2 minute warm up, few stretches, get your heartrate elevated and then we’re straight in.

Burpee Press (1:06)

  • Cardio Workout
  • 20secs High Impact
  • 10secs Rest

This exercise is a burpee press. So for this you’ve your two dumbbells - you’re taking them down to the ground, and then jumping our legs all the way back, taking them out as far as you can. Then bringing those dumbbells up and above your head.

Keeping those legs nice and long at the bottom, and core nice and tight as we move through the movement. Shoulders down as we take the dumbbell up above the head.

Nice explosive movement here - keep it fluid, keep it light, keep it punchy.

Renegade Row (1:38)

  • Cardio Workout
  • 20secs High Impact
  • 10secs Rest

This exercise is a renegade row. So for this one a nice plank position with a wide stand on our feet. You’re going to bring the dumbbells up to the side of your body, bending the elbow, keeping it nice and close as you move through the movement.

Your core is tight and your back is in one complete straight line. Keeping your head in line with your spine, elbows coming in nice and close to the body as we go through this movement and then back down.

Clean and Lunges (2:08)

This is clean and lunges. So for this we are jumping into a lunge position, and as we so you’re going to bring your dumbbells up above your head. Jumping into that lunge position, bringing those dumbbells above your head.

It’s super important here we keep the knees driving over the toes - both the front and back leg - getting as low as you can into that lunge, keeping your core tight, keeping your shoulders back and head nice and high.

We’re alternating legs with every single rep here. Swapping legs with every single one.

Side Lunge and Press (2:43)

This exercise is a side lunge and press. So for this, with your dumbbells in your hand, you’re going to take a big step to the side lunging through that leg, swinging the dumbbells in between your legs – as you come back up bringing them back up above your head.

So swinging from in between the legs into a diagonal up above the head. We’re going on one leg for half the time and 10 seconds, and swapping to the other leg for another 10 seconds here.

Nice big side lunge getting deep into that lunge, then coming up to stand with the dumbbells above the head. Make sure that your core is nice and tight, and everything is working in coordination.

Squat Punches (3:26)

This exercise is squat punches. For this we’re getting into a nice low squat position. From there, dumbbells in hand, we’re taking them out and shadow boxing in front of our body - hitting every single rep nice and hard, you’re swapping arms with every single one.

So that is hitting those shadow punches nice and hard, swapping arms every single time –  20seconds here, lots of aggression, get a little bit of that anger out.

So great work out there guys – really, really good job. You’ve absolutely smashed it – your heartrate should be nice and high, full of endorphins, ready to go about your day.

You just killed a tabata workout and that is definitely going to help with your fitness but also with your metabolic rate.

So before you go make sure you’ve done a few quick stretches and little bit of a cool down, just so those muscles aren’t hurting that much tomorrow.

Thanks for watching and we hope to see you soon.


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