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Suspension Trainer Workout

Type of workout: Strength

Sets: 4

Reps: 10 Reps High Impact

Types of exercises: Rows, Squat jumps, Reverse lunge, Atomic press, Press up

Kit: Suspension trainer / straps

Tips: Before working out, remember to do warm up / do some stretches


  • 4 mins

Video transcription

This is your suspension trainer workout.

We’ve got five exercises here, we’re doing 10 reps of each over 4 sets in total.

So your five exercises are:

  • Starting off with a row
  • From there jump squats
  • A reverse lunge with a drive up
  • Atomic press
  • Finishing off with a full-blown press up.

You’re working your full body here top-to-toe, using every muscle group, we’re going to building a little bit of tone and muscle, really focusing on your core and general stability throughout the body.

All you are going to need for this workout is a suspension trainer and you can find these at most gyms across the country.

Before we get going today, make sure you’ve warmed up fully, elevated your heartrate slightly and done a few quick stretches before we get straight in with the first exercise.

Rows (0:45)

  • Strength Workout
  • 10 Reps – High Impact
  • 4 Sets

So this exercise is your suspension trainer row, so you need to grab your suspension trainer. We’re walking out underneath ourselves holding ourselves up with the trainer; your shoulders and back are down; and you are one long line from head to toe.

Keep that core tight, you’re going to bend with those elbows, pulling yourself up, squeezing the shoulder blades together and then all the way back down nice and slowly.

Bending with those elbows, pulling yourself up towards the trainer - nice and slowly - squeeze the shoulder blades, all the way back down making sure the body stays in line the whole entire time. You’ve got 10 reps here, then we’re moving on.

Squat Jumps (1:26)

  • Strength Workout
  • 10 Reps – High Impact
  • 4 Sets

This exercise is suspension trainer squat jumps. So holding onto the suspension trainer we go for a nice wide stance, sitting back into those heels low as you can.

You then power up through the heels, through the back of the legs using the trainer to give yourself a little bit more elevation and jumping as high as you can through that squat.

Make sure you’re landing softly through the knees and through the feet.

You’ve got 10 reps here, then we’re moving on.

Lunge Drive Through (Reserve Lunge) (1:57)

  • Strength Workout
  • 10 Reps – High Impact
  • 4 Sets

This is a suspension trainer lunge drive through (reverse lunge). For this, holding onto your suspension trainer, we take one leg back into a reverse lunge. Making sure our knees are over the toes, we then drive up adding a little hop as we reach the top.

So driving that back leg into the centre of your hands with every single rep, making sure our knees are over the toes at all times, core is tight and shoulders are back.

We go 10 on one side before swapping over to the other.

Atomic Press (2:32)

  • Strength Workout
  • 10 Reps – High Impact
  • 4 Sets

This exercise is a suspension trainer atomic press. So this is a little bit more difficult here. You’re going to place both feet into the handles of the suspension trainer and coming into a nice plank position – so that is back long and straight, core tight, and bum down in line with your feet.

You’re up onto your hands and you’re going to bring your knees into the centre of your body and then take them back out nice and slowly, making sure your shoulders stay in the same position as you move through the exercise.

Press Up (3:10)

  • Strength Workout
  • 10 Reps – High Impact
  • 4 Sets

This exercise is a suspension trainer press up. So for this, we’re leaning into the suspension trainer, we’ve got our arms nice and long and locked out, our body is one complete straight line. You’re going to press through as if you were doing a press up on the floor, bringing those elbows behind yourself then pushing back up to straight arms.

So using an L-shape through the elbows, come all the way down to the press up position, and then pressing right the way back up to the nice, long arms. Shoulders always back and down, core is nice and tight, and keeping that long straight line through the body. You’ve got 10 reps here, then we’re all done.

Great job there team, really well done with that workout –you’ve absolutely smashed it. We should be a little bit sweaty, full of endorphins, maybe a little bit achy through some of your muscles.

In that workout we’ll have worked out our core, we’ve worked our general stability, built a little bit of a tone and muscle, worked on your coordination and your balance – it’s a full body workout and you absolutely smashed it.

Before you do anything else today, make sure you’ve cooled yourself down, done a few quick stretches and lowered your heartrate.

Thanks for watching today guys, we hope to see you soon.



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