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Core Workout

Type of workout: Strength

Sets: 4 x 20 Reps High Impact

Types of exercises: Sit ups, Cycle crunches, Leg raises, Side toe touches, Russian twists

Kit: Matt, Kettle Bell

Tips: Before working out, remember to do warm up / do some stretches.


  • 4 mins

Video transcription

We’re going to working with 5 exercises today with 4 sets.

So your 5 exercises are:

  • Sit ups
  • Cycle crunches
  • Leg raises
  • Side toe touches and
  • Russian twists

Nice and simple and we’re on the floor for all of these exercises.

Our aim today is to utilise and engage our core. We’re going to be building tone, which helps to lower your risk of back pain and also helps maintain a strong posture.

It’s a full abdominal workout.

This is a workout you can do absolutely anywhere – whether that’s in your bedroom, your living room at home, or a quick 5 minutes at work. All you need is a little bit of floor space to get going.

So we’re going to head into the first exercise – before you do, make sure you’ve warmed up and elevated your heartrate just a little bit and we’re straight in.

Sit Up (0:52)

  • Strength Workout
  • 20 Reps High Impact
  • 4 Sets

This exercise is a sit up. For this, we’re lying flat on the floor, our core is nice and tight and engaged. We’re squeezing that belly button down, shoulders back, hands by our ears, and elbows all the way back.

We sit up nice and slow, and all the way back down - keeping it controlled, one fluid smooth movement.

We’re going for 20 reps here, then a short rest before our next exercise. So that is 20 reps, really, really controlled - squeezing that belly button in, using those abs, keeping it engaged, slowly up, slowly back down, elbows are by our ears, our shoulders are back and down.

Cycle Crunches (1:37)

  • Strength Workout
  • 20 Reps High Impact
  • 4 Sets

This exercise is cycle crunches. So for this we’re lying back on the floor again, we’ve got our knees elevated into the air at a right angle, and we are crossing opposite elbow to knee, swapping the sides with every single rep here.

You’ve got 20 reps before you have a little bit of a rest. Make sure that belly button is squeezed all the way down and are shoulders are down and back.

Leg Raises (2:00)

  • Strength Workout
  • 20 Reps High Impact
  • 4 Sets

This exercise is leg raises. So once again we’re on the floor, our hands are underneath our bum this time, our legs are extended.

We’re going up as high as we can bringing those legs into a right angle with the rest of our body. As slowly as possible up and as slowly as possible down, keeping that belly button into your spine - your core is nice and tightly engaged and working here.

It’s important to pull out of those hip flexes, keeping those legs as extended as you possibly can.

Side Toe Touches (2:32)

  • Strength Workout
  • 20 Reps High Impact
  • 4 Sets

This next exercise is side toe touches. So here, once again, we’re on the floor. We want to be able to touch our toes in this position - so feet are flat on the ground.

And we are leaning side to side, reaching as far past our feet as we can. If you can touch them, that is absolutely great. If not – don’t worry – reach as far as you can for now.

Core is tight and engaged as we have been doing, belly button into spine, shoulders flat on the floor. Elevating the side slightly off the ground as we move side to side.

20 reps here, nice little rest and we’re moving on.

Russian Twists (3:06)

  • Strength Workout
  • 20 Reps High Impact
  • 4 Sets

This next exercise is Russian twists. So, back on the floor again. This time we’ve got a kettle bell involved - our shoulders are down our spine, our core is tight, belly button sucked in, feet planted firmly on the floor.

We lean back - then rotating side to side, using that ribcage to rotate round, we’re taking the kettle bell to our hip then back to centre.

Super important that you do use that ribcage to rotate, and you’re not just moving your arms side to side here.

Great job there guys, really good workout. We should be feeling that across our bellies and maybe down the side of our bodies now. It’s going to keep your core nice and strong and maintain that beautiful posture until for the rest of the day.

Before you go about your day, make sure you’ve done a quick, 2 minute cooldown, you’ve stretched off a little bit, lowered that heartrate and remember to breathe.

Thanks for joining us today, you’ve been absolutely brilliant we hope to see you soon.



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