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Body Weight Workout

Type of workout: Cardio

Sets: 4 x 60secs High Impact

Rest time: 30secs

Types of exercises: Walkout and Mountain Climbers, Burpee and Tuck Jump, Pylo Lunges, Press ups, Floor tucks

Kit: Mat 

Tips: Before working out, remember to do warm up / do some stretches.


  • 5 mins

Video transcription

This is your body weight workout.

We have 5 exercises here - we’re going to go through each of them for one minute and that’s 4 rounds in total.

Your 5 exercises are:

  • starting with a walkout and mountain climbers
  • tucks and burpees
  • plyo lunges
  • press ups and
  • floor tucks

We’re really going to hit hard here.

This is a full body workout, using every single muscle group - but we’re really focusing on getting your heartrate as high as we possibly can and working that cardiovascular system.

You can do this workout literally anywhere - at home in your bedroom or a 5-minute lunchbreak at work. All you’re going to need is a matt and a little bit of room.

Before we get going, make sure you’re done a quick warm up, you’ve elevated your heartrate, done a few stretches - you’re ready to go.

We’re straight in with the first exercise.

Walkout & Mountain Climbers (0:50)

  • Cardio Workout
  • 1min High Impact
  • 30 Secs Rest

This exercise is a walkout with mountain climbers - so for this, we’re standing at the edge of our matt. You’re going to walkout on your hands, keeping your legs as long and straight as possible. And at the bottom we are hitting 10 mountain climbers, bringing our knees into our chest, before you walk all the way back up on those hands, keeping those legs nice and long.

So we walk out with long legs on our hands, we’ve got 10 mountain climbers at the bottom, bringing our knees into our chest, and then all the way back up.

It’s nice and high intensity here, so make sure you are hitting those mountain climbers as hard as you can.

One minute here, then moving onto the next exercise.

Burpee & Tuck Jump (1:31)

  • Cardio Workout
  • 1min High Impact
  • 30 Secs Rest

This exercise is a burpee with a tuck jump. So for this, you’re placing your hands onto the matt, jumping as far back as you can with those legs, back into yourself, and then bringing your knees into your chest as you jump up into the air.

So that’s back out behind ourselves, bringing the legs back in, and then jumping up, exploring into the air, and bringing those knees as high as we can in our chest, before landing softly through the feet and through the knees.

One minute here and then moving on.

Plyo Lunge (2:03)

  • Cardio Workout
  • 1min High Impact
  • 30 Secs Rest

This exercise is a plyo lunge. So that stands for plyometrics, we’re going to be getting into the air. You start in a nice lunge position - from there, you’re jumping up you’re swapping onto the other leg.

Swapping legs every single rep here, making sure those knees are driving over your toes at all time - you explore up as high as you can into the air and then swap onto that other leg.

Make sure that your body is upright, so you’re not leaning too far forward, and that your core is tight and shoulders are back and engaged.

One minute here, then moving on.

Press Ups (2:40)

This exercise is your press up. So for this, we have a nice wide stance with the hands - they are underneath your shoulders. Your feet are nice and close together, and our shoulders are back and down – you are one long straight line.

From this position, we bend the elbows and bring the chest all the way to the floor, before pushing back up through the hands and elongating those arms.

If you need a slight regression here, just pop your knees onto the floor, keeping everything else about the exercise the same all the way down and all the way back up.

One minute here, then moving on.

Floor Tucks (3:30)

  • Cardio Workout
  • 1min High Impact
  • 30 Secs Rest

This exercise is floor tucks. So we’re back into that plank position, up on our hands here. Our feet are nice and close to each other, and we’re one long straight line from head to toe.

Core is engaged, shoulders are back, bum is in line. From that plank position you’re going to jump your knees as close to your chest as you can, before taking them straight back out and landing on the floor.

So bringing those knees nice and close as we jump into the chest, then extending those legs as we land back on the floor. One minute here, then we’re all done.

Great job there guys, really, really good workout - that was a full body workout, high intensity, nice and sweaty, but we’ve also built a bit of a tone and muscle, you’ve used your endurance, you’ve increased your fitness, and it’s a high calorie burner.

Before you do anything else with your day, make sure you have cooled yourself down, done a few quick stretches and lowered that heartrate.

We hope you enjoyed this video and we hope to see you soon.


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