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Beginners HIIT

Type of workout: Cardio

Sets: 5 x 30secs High Impact

Rest time: 30secs

Types of exercises: High knees, Explosive star jumps, Cross body hits, Forward back punches, Reverse lunge

Kit: Mat

Tips: Before working out, remember to do warm up / do some stretches.

  • 5 mins

Video transcription

This is beginners HIIT. We’re going nice and simple here - 5 exercises, 5 times through, 30 second rest between each block of exercises.

So you’ve got 5 exercises coming up:

  • your first exercise is high knees,
  • after high knees we’re going to go for some explosive star jumps
  • from your explosive star jumps, we have cross body hits,
  • and then after that we’re going to hit some punches – get a bit of aggression out –
  • and then finish nice and simply with reverse lunge and drive throughs.

So this workout is going to work full body, top to toe, focusing primarily on the cardio vascular system. So that’s getting sweaty, getting your heartrate up, and it’s really going to help increase those fitness levels, especially as we go through.

You’ll have your 30 seconds rest - it’s a nice 30 seconds just to catch your breath a little bit before we go again. High intensity interval training – it’s not called that for no reason.

This is a great workout to do anywhere you like - you can do it in your bedroom on a morning or at work on your lunch break, as long as you can find enough room for yourself and a matt just to protect from that high-level impact you’ll be absolutely good to go. There’s absolutely no excuses really here.

Let’s jump right into the first exercise, before we do, make sure you’ve warmed up a little bit, few stretches, get that heartrate going and we’re straight into that first exercise.

High Knees (1:23)

  • Cardio Workout
  • 30secs High Impact
  • 30secs Rest

This first exercise is your high knees. Our main aim here is to keep those knees nice and high, just as it says in the title.

You’re going to bring your arms in front of your belly and bring each knee up to hit the hand as close as you can, alternating legs with every single rep.

This is a nice, high intensity, fast movement - 30 seconds as fast as you can, 30 seconds of rest. It’s super important to bring those knees all the way up to a right-angle position, keep your shoulders back and down, head up and core engaged.

Explosive Star Jumps (1:56)

  • Cardio Workout
  • 30secs High Impact
  • 30secs Rest

So explosive star jumps - for this one, you’re going to touch your toes, from there we’re going to explode up into the air. Bringing those feet off the ground, like you would with a normal star jump, but this time elevating off the floor, taking our hands up above our heads to a nice star position, making sure that your core is nice and tight, your shoulders are back, our posture is as beautiful as it always should be.

That is 30 seconds as explosive as you can, then 30 seconds of rest.

Cross Body Hits (2:29)

  • Cardio Workout
  • 30secs High Impact
  • 30secs Rest

This next one is cross knees, so for this you are brining up one knee into the middle of your body and opposite elbow to knee across to touch. So that is opposite elbow to knee, bringing it in to the centre of the body while, bouncing on the opposite foot.

Nice and light on the feet - again core is tight. We’re hitting this as hard as we can, get a bit of that aggression out and really going for it. Opposite sides, 30secs as fast we can as hard as we can, then 30 seconds of rest.

Forward Back Punches (3:00)

  • Cardio Workout
  • 30secs High Impact
  • 30secs Rest

So this is forward back punches. For this one we are side on - jumping forward and back with our feet, and as we jump forward punching the front arm out in front of yourself.

Little bit of aggression here - high intensity as we have been doing, lots and lot of energy. Keep it light on the feet, shoulders back and down, core is engaged - really attack that front punch as we jump forward, hitting it as hard as you can every single time. 30 seconds, then 30 seconds of rest.

Halfway through those 30 seconds, we have a swap over to the other arm - so that’s 15 seconds as fast as you can on the right, then 15 seconds same again on the left this time.

Reverse Lunge (3:43)

So this next one we are lunging behind ourselves, making sure that knees stay over toes as we come down to the lunge position.

Back knee needs to be as close to the floor as you can possibly get it. From there, you’re going to drive up and swipe with the opposite arm in front of your body.

So, it’s super important with this one that we keep the knees driving over the toes as we move through the movement. So it’s knees directly over toes at the bottom and at the top, driving through and keeping it nice and tight and controlled.

Well done guys, you’ve absolutely smashed that workout – really, really good job today. Should be feeling nice and sweaty by now - you’ve worked that cardio vascular system and you’re feeling really good.

Before you go about the rest of your day, make sure you have a quick 2-minute cooldown, a few small stretches here and there, and bring that heartrate right back down. Have a little bit of a breather and you’re good to go

Thanks so much for joining me on this workout today and we’ll see you soon.



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